RIVIERA DEI FIORI - The cycling route passes exactly where the Railway lines were, it is well kept and with North European standards: there are two wide carriageways, one for each side of the road, road marks, benches, rest areas and water and food in different shops which also rent bikes.  The cycling-walking structure is on the coast side of the old Railway lines  between Ospedaletti and San Lorenzo al Mare, on the train lines Genova-Ventimiglia, dismantled in 2001 and moved to the hills area.  The Railway lines was transformed in to a 20 Km cycling track (The project forecasted 60 Km), which goes through little villages and runs along the sea coast, villages which once  were unaccesible.  Approximately every 350 meters it is possible to leave the tracks and visit one of the picturesque villages or even visit the wonderful beaches, which once were only accessible via sea.  Parallel to the cycling track you may find the walking track.





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